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 mk1 golf cheap...

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PostSubject: mk1 golf cheap...   Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:50 pm

right in easy words
mk1 1.1 1983 golf
was going to strip apart to put bigger engine , customise the interior a little , retrim , so on

but after debts needing paid this is a must go
with some extras

its a "custom sunroof" by the ex owner...
so i have another skin roof with this car
i also have swallowtail rear lights aswell
and a front slam panel for the car
and a rear corrado bench aswell as the original interior , some of the dash vents have been smoothed out (working progress)
bits of rust here and there

but at this kinda way .. it has no mot or tax so needs trailerd
really asking the price on the interior bits , panels


heres pics

p.s these parts will be all SEPERATLY put on ebay unless i get a confirmed buyer willing to take all!
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mk1 golf cheap...
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