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 Signature Rules

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Cleaned-UK: Admin Crew

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PostSubject: Signature Rules   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:54 pm

Now everyone is entitled to Signatures every time they post, these can be edited by using the 'user information' section of the forum.... Rage & I have knocked up a few rules to stop the site getting cluttered with sigs and slowing down the forum.


1. Signatures must belong to yourselves, using one that someone else own's or uses is not permitted.

2. Signatures should not contain pornographic or offensive material.

3. Signatures should not link to images hosted by anyone other then the user linking to them, unless express permission has been granted by the owner(s).

4. Signatures must not contain any advertisements, items for sale or any other services. This includes links to Ebay etc.

5. Signatures are limited to a size of 500 pixels wide x 150 pixels high and 150kb maximum file size.

6. Signatures must not be animated

7. Members must have no more than one Signature/Picture at a time i.e. not one above another or side by side.

8. If a picture is used for a Signature, no more than 3 lines of text are allowed above or below the picture.

9. For Signatures without a picture, a maximum of 4 lines of text is permitted.

Any Signatures not within these guidelines will be removed without notice.

Hope you guys understand...




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Cleaned-UK: Admin Crew

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PostSubject: Re: Signature Rules   Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:34 am

I'm going to make this aware to all of you again, as i do belive some of you haven't been following these rules.

The 6n2.

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Signature Rules
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