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 Ford Fiesta Zetec S. Cleaned/Track Inspired.

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PostSubject: Ford Fiesta Zetec S. Cleaned/Track Inspired.   Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:11 pm

Hey, due to VERY unforseen circumstances, my project and all that ive gathered for it will be for sale.

Please dont ask why, as its not something id like to broadcast on a public forum, however those that are close enough will know.

2002 Ford Fiesta ZetecS.


Completely smothed front bumper
Front Turismo splitter
Front Turismo arches
Rear Turismo arches
Smoothed doors & Quatres with locks removed
Completely smothed tailgate
DTM mirrors and baseplates
PumaBuild 30mm bonnet raisers
Custom red trumpets in fog light holes
Carbon fiber wrapped headlight eye brows
Carbon fiber wrapped front grill
Carbon fiber wrapped spoiler
Autobra Bonnet Bra
5k HID Hi-Low Headlight conversion
Smoked front headlights
Smoked rear lights
Smoked ULTRA side repeaters
Ford wind deflectors

Wheels, Tyres & Braking

The Banded Steels & Schmidts will not be included in the sale of the veichle.

Suspension & Chassis

FK Silverline coilovers
SEV Motorsport roll cage bolted in.
Polished rear strut brace
PollyBushed front anti-roll bar bushes


Corbeau fixed bucket seats
TRS 2.5'' 3 point harnesses
OMP 300mm Steering wheel
Complete blue led conversion
Sony headunit
Sony DVD screen fixed into dash
Alloy Cheq mat plating
Red Alacantara gear gaitor
Ford Racing Puma gearknob


Ford 1.6 16Valve Zetec Engine.
Pipercross induction kit w/ Red Samco Hosing.
Miltek 4-2-1 Manifold
Miltek full stainless steel exhaust system
Miltek decat pipe
8.5mm upgraded red ht leads
Bosch Super+ Plugs
ECU Chip. ( Not yet fitted. )


Sigma Alarm T1.
Original Ford Immobiliser.

All Service books, Handbooks, Spare Key & Spare Alarm fobs are present.

The car really does speak for itself.

The car is in lovely condition and well cared for; owned only by enthusiats and known extremly well on several online forums such as Cleaned-Uk & ZSOC; A Ford Zetec-S owners club. The car is currently sitting on 55,350 miles which is considerably low for a fiesta of this age, and the bodywork and mechanical running of the car is reflected in this. As you can see from the spec list above, and pictures below, the bodywork has undergone some extreme individual changes, with the Turismo kit and two tone paintwork being one of many. No carpark dinks/dents or noticable scratches are on this car what so ever!

The previous owner, Mitch; owned the car for 4 years, and ive owned it only for a matter of months. It is a VERY REGRETTABLE sale, however due to circumstances im left no choice.

Roughly 1,000 miles ago, it underwent a full service; Oil filter, Fuel Filter, The Pipercross airfilter cleaned, Plugs & Leads. The Service book is up to date, and the V5 and previous MOTs are all present.

The car is in lovely condition, however has a few negative points...And being a 100% honest seller, dealing only in concours show cars feel the need to point them out.

o The front bumper on the car will need painting. It once had a stick on number plate, however upon removal removed alittle of the paintwork. To make it less visable ive touched it up asbest as i can, it doesnt draw attention, but would ideally need painting before the show season!.

o The tailgate has a extremely small dent, roughly the size of a 1p coin, and has sank alittle. To the everyday person, this would be fine, but as i like my cars 100% prestine feel the need to mention it.

o The skirts and splitter have a few small stone chips from the salt over the winter but arent bad and the normal seller probley wouldnt list them!.

o I have managed to crack the O/S/F turismo arch extention on the wing, however its siloconed onto the wing at the moment, isnt hardly noticable. I got quoted £75 by a reputable bodyshop to rectify this.

That is all i can think of!.
Please feel free to drop me a message with any questions or queries you may have on 07961999697 as i have most likely missed an aful lot off.

Im looking for £2900ONO for the car, Due to the extensive list of modifications and the overal condition of the vehicle.

Regards, Ross.

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PostSubject: Re: Ford Fiesta Zetec S. Cleaned/Track Inspired.   Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:23 am

sorry to hear bout this dude, glws though.
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Ford Fiesta Zetec S. Cleaned/Track Inspired.
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