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 Peugeot 406 2.1 12v DT Executive

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PostSubject: Peugeot 406 2.1 12v DT Executive   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:39 pm

(as featured in clean rides section of cleaned-uk)

Make: Peugeot

Model: 406

Year/Reg: 1997

Mileage: 169,198

MOT: Untill 21/05/2010

Tax: Untill 31/10/2009

Location: Cubley, on a515 between a50 (sudbry) and ashbourne


Here we have my much loved 406 with 7 months test remaining,

Its a 1997 Executive 2.1 litre 12v turbo diesel and is a very tidy motor, but since a small parking incident (see photos) i have now lost my no claims bonus and cant afford to reinsure it :'(

It is the top spec model "executive" and has full black leather interior, climate control (all working), automatic windscreen wipers, electric memory front seats, front and rear electric windows, standard executive alloys.

It has also had a few modifications...
A few months ago the fuel injector pump packed up on me so i used this as a good excuse to replace it for a fully mechanical bosh injector pump which has allowed me to turn up the boost and the fueling to add a little extra power Wink There is a bit more room left in this tuning but really to go any further you would need a better front mount intercooler, the standard ones are quite thin. (Fueling and turbo boost can be set back to standard settings before purchase if you wish)

When i changed the fuel injector pump i had to remove the timing belt to get the job done so when that was done (approx 5,000 miles ago) the timing belt was replaced at the same time.

It has been lowerd approx 50mm all round, but i have also got the original springs/shocks that were on the car when i bought it which you can have if you wish.

The bottom pulley for the aux belt on the car does need replacing, it makes a rattling sound when the engine is idling, this has been inspected when the timing belt was changed and is caused by the woodruff key that is used to drive it having broken.

Timing belt pulley is fine and the timing belt does not need to be removed to fix this, only the aux belt for the alternator etc.

Bad bits...
Missing a foglight
Parking incident damage (see pics)
Small stone chip in windscreen, this appeared about a week ago when i knew i was going to have to sell it, typical luck lol.
Keyfob doesnt work (central locking does though, just means you have to put the key in the door Razz)
Needs a replacement bottom aux belt pulley

Good bits...
4x good alloys with all having approx 6-7mm tread left. (spare wheel is also an alloy)
Climate control and other gadgets still work fine
Towbar with caravan electrics fitted
Full leather interior with no damage
Timing belt and fuel pump replaced 5k ago
No suspension knocking or noises, tracking and wheel balance is all spot on.

More photos available at

Price: £800

Contact details: PM me, or 07534 692 417
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Peugeot 406 2.1 12v DT Executive
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