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 The RULES Girls.

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PostSubject: The RULES Girls.   Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:39 am

You all know what im going to say...

1. Cleaned-uk isnt a pornography website..if you want to look at clunge, i can recommend www.redtube.com and www.youjizz.com ...they have satisfied me past and present, and im sure they will for fill all your naughty needs. We all know the limits!

2. Please can we stop with all the competion between Cleaned-Uk and EU-Mania.
Those guys have been warned by their site moderators and owners, and im doing the same to you lot. Were not kids, so please can we put a stop to it? Were all in this for the same thing.... Barrel's of laughs and dope rides!

3. Please can we all use the PROPER ENGLISH language...? Im sick of spending ages tryin'z 2'z reydz urz postz...Thanks Smile

4. Can we all play nice? This isnt a boxing ring....At the end of the day, you dont want me and Ellis tagteaming you :p

5. Jamie, Rage Ellis and I WILL LOCK all offensive threads without warning...bare it in mind.

6. If you decide you want to start spamming and being dis-respectful to staff members and anyone else, you will be warned, and i will ban you if you carry on Smile

7. If you have a problem with someone, don't take it up in peoples threads, we're all getting fed up of having to clear up everyday because you don't know what the PM button means! Click it and speak to them that way, or leave it out completely.

...You read it here first..
So, go get the beers and lets have some friendly banter on the Uk's fastest growing Cleaned car webiste... Cleaned-Uk.com!

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The RULES Girls.
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